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Happy Women's Day!

Happy Women's Day!

Mar 08, 2024
Steel structural gym

Steel structural gym

Oct 09, 2021
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  March House (Qingdao) Co., LTD is a large modern modular housing enterprise integrating professional design, manufacturing and construction. We have a complete set of production facilities such as independent molding workshop, automatic welding workshop, automatic color plate production workshop, assembly workshop, etc. According to the " One Belt One Road" proposed by the country , the international center is set up and the products are exported to Europe,Africa,Southeast Asia, North America, South America and the Middle East. Providing a safe, environmental friendly, smart and comfortable combined building space.

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Product performance

  • Energy Saving
  • Durable
  • Environment Friendly
  • Sound insulation
  • Saving Floor Space
  • Comfortable
  • Anti-seismic
  • Easy-quickly Construction
  • Wind Resistance

Join Investment

  • Join condition

    March Building welcomes families who are interested in prefabricated buildings to join the March building light steel villa business, and also welcomes customers who need to build houses to place orders by telephone.

    √ Individuals or enterprises that have accumulated certain industrial resources or social resources; Suitable for individuals or enterprises engaged in steel structure, building construction, building materials, etc.

    √ Understand the application field and potential market of prefabricated light steel integrated housing products;

    √ Endorse March building's products and brand, and be actively engaged in light steel housing business;

    Willing to learn product knowledge, technical and marketing training;

    Willing to learn industry marketing, design, production, construction experience;

    √ Strong desire to share brand, technology and market with March building

  • Join the advantage

    √Steel structure construction qualification building quality assurance to undertake the project is guaranteed

    √Technology full insulation wall and solid core wall optional

    √The advantages of prefabricated and integrated home construction go hand in hand are obvious

    √Prices are lower, construction time is shorter, and profits are higher

    √The quality of the material is incomparable

    √Self income: in the agency area, choose the advantage of the area to establish the first model room, the first operation, occupy the market to the high point

    √Generational income: develop subordinate agents by oneself in the agency area to obtain agency fee income;

    √Branch revenue: develop terminals independently in the agency area, and obtain profits from brand use and margin

    √Supply income: long-term supply for terminals in the region, the price can be customized, to obtain the price difference

    √Performance reward: If the agent achieves the corresponding sales performance, he/she will enjoy high year-end rebate

Qingdao March Building

"Altruism for customers, product improvement, caring for service, and lasting cooperation"

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