March House works with light steel projects in East Timor


On November 18, the General Manager of march house visited the client in Timor-Leste and visited the projects we have built together.

The light gauge steel structure system is a type of structure where the structural elements are carrier (wall, floor) and produced by cold forming method from galvanized steel. Building elements produced under control and supervision on CNC machines in factories with machines with modern technology systems are brought to the construction site in a sheltered way and assembled. They have many advantages over traditional construction systems. Light gauge steel buildings can be used for any purpose. The purpose of use is very different, such as housing, school, hospital, warehouse, dormitory, hotel, and there are many examples of buildings that are made of steel and are currently in use.

Over the years, our customer industries have been greatly developed, covering oil trading, gas stations, mineral water, hospitals, pharmacies, cable TV, clothing factories, glass and window factories, and so on.

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