New trends in the future development of the construction industry - light steel house


The mini light steel villa is really attractive, and many people have their own villa nowadays. European-style decoration is the first choice of many people, it is fashionable and good-looking, also can create a beautiful and romantic atmosphere.

Design sketch of white space, full of freshness, and I believe most people will like it. The match of   blue and white colors is very natural and full of Mediterranean element. There are amazing fireplace, unique TV backdrop and a wine cabinet of great taste.

As the state attaches great importance to energy conservation and environmental protection, the general public has a new understanding of green building. The light steel structure houses, built by March House (qingdao) Co., Ltd., have obtained the recognition of general public, since they have advantages of beautiful and diverse appearance, comfortable living condition, safety and stable, seismic and fire-proofing performance, thermal insulation, energy saving, short construction period, being recycled and so on. This building type is also in line with the industrial policy by State Council on “pilot construction of steel structures to expand the usage of green building materials” and has become the first choice in the green planning and design of new rural municipal construction, parks, residential, shopping malls, cultural and tourism projects.

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