Welcome customers from Turkey to visit our company!


On January 22, our light steel products attracted a customer from Turkey, who was received by our general manager, technical manager and account manager.

The technical manager explained the safety and stability of our light steel products to the customer in detail. The bearing capacity of light steel villa is reasonably calculated. Compared with traditional villa, light steel villa has the advantages of stable structure, low cost, short construction period, strong earthquake resistance and so on. The span of the space inside the light steel structure villa is larger than that of the concrete building, and the speed of construction is much faster than that of the conventional building.

In addition, the seismic performance of light steel villa is good. Because the activity of the earthquake is left and right and up and down, the light steel structure connected with screws constitutes a safe and stable box, which will not collapse or fall of the wall due to the shaking of the earthquake. The steel of light steel structure can also be recycled, which can effectively reduce construction waste, which is also the green building concept that March House has been advocating.

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