Expandable Container Houses, what are they?

Simply put, expandable container homes are shipping container frames which have been completely customised, so that once they are placed on-site in your chosen location, they can be expanded out into a comfortable small living layout. With plenty of flexibility regarding the interior design, you can opt for a more traditional house layout, or alternatively you can choose to completely fashion the interior as to your personal living style. As the structure is a basic shipping container, the infrastructure for transport and deployment is already in place for shipment by rail, ship, and truck to just about any location in the world.

How does the construction process work?

All of March House's small housing range is completely prefabricated (also referred to as ‘prefab’), meaning that they are constructed off-site, before being assembled and installed onsite. This manoeuvrability and reduced construction time onsite optimises the construction process, and makes these expandable container homes easily accessible, ideal if you are in need of flexible arrangements. This system makes the acquisition of your house very easy, simply choose from the large and customizable range on offer, or talk to a professional about what the best fit for you is going to be. Then, once you have ordered and construction is finalised, your completed container house will be transported and delivered to your chosen location. Once set on its foundation, the container can then be easily expanded and set up to its final layout comparatively quickly.

Benefits and highlights of an Expandable Container House

As expandable container homes are becoming increasingly popular across the world, their design, functionality, and availability continue to develop and grow, constantly evolving to become suitable for an ever larger range of living requirements. While the idea of downsizing may seem daunting to some, there are many benefits to smaller living that often get overlooked. Expandable container houses provide a cost effective solution to the growing housing issue, with March house offering financial freedom and an affordable alternative, without sacrificing any comfort or style. This cost-effective living style makes expandable homes perfect for families, retirees, and first home buyers. Another large benefit of downsizing your home is the reduced amount of maintenance needed for upkeep, as less space means less cleaning. The extremely flexible nature of expandable houses is a highlight of small living, with a wide range of customizable add ons, available both on or off the grid, and made to Australian housing standards. Expandable container homes also offer sustainability and are environmentally conscious.

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