March house——Your dream villa builder


  The production of light steel villa types, designed by the March House, continues in dream-like designs, tailored to the needs of the customers.

  Such type of villas are erected by stitching the steel profiles knot by knot just like a spider weaving its nest in addition to the freedom of design. They are delivered to customers in a very short time after completing the fire resistant insulation and coatings. Atraccting the attention particularly with the 2 and 3 storey models, the light prefabricated steel villa models continue to be a source of interest for their customers at affordable prices.

  These villas, which are completely friendly to human health due to the materials used in their composition, also have a nature-friendly structure with 100% recycling properties.

  It is very easy to install these structures, which are produced with welding-free construction technology, in the construction site. The holes are opened millimetrically by special machine lines and can also be easily mounted with specially designed screws. Such buildings, where the electrical and sanitary installation is carried out by March House, have not only been constructed in America but also in more than 60 countries of the world with March House signature and continues to be constructed in an increasing the number of countries.

  The light steel villa structures of March House, having all the measures against any kind of natural conditions varying from the the cold of Dagestan to the heat of Saudi Arabia, from the storms of Latin America to all the regions where the monsoon rains of Africa are influential and continue to be used with pleasure for decades.

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