March House visits local projects in Guyana for more technical and aesthetic references


On December 3, the March House team met with the last group of Guyana customers. We visited the customer's steel structure project, which provided us with more experience to serve customers in the future.

   To construct a steel structure warehouse, a       comprehensive design plan must be established in   advance, which should take into account the intended use   of the warehouse, as well as its location and size. Once   the building’s size has been determined, deciding   whether a single-span or multi-span design or a single-   story or multi-story layout is best suited to the intended   purpose is essential. Typically, the steel frame width   ranges between 18-24 meters. The height of the   warehouse should be determined based on the required   internal space or storage capacity of the goods, with a   standard height of 6 meters for most warehouses. In   cases where a crane is intended to be used, the   warehouse building’s height must be designed   according to the crane’s maximum lifting height.

March House's trip to Guyana ended with a thank you to these customers for sharing their experiences 

with steel construction. We will meet more customers with more comprehensive services.

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