Participates in the Online Matchmaking Meeting between the Salvadoran Seminar and Chinese Companies


On the morning of March 20th, Andy.Chia, the manager representative of our Latin American region, represented the company at the meeting held by Shandong Institute of Foreign Trade for Chinese enterprises and El Salvador's public-private partnership training class. The meeting was held in the conference room on the 4th floor of the library of the Institute of Foreign Trade, at the same time on the Zoom platform. Yao Ming, Counselor of the Economic and Commercial Office of the Chinese Embassy in El Salvador, and Diao Jiandong, Dean of the School of Foreign Trade, attended the matchmaking meeting. In addition to Qingdao March building, 29 seminar participants from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Public Works, and Ministry of Economic Affairs of El Salvador, Qingjian Group, Shandong High Speed Group, China Telecom Group, Jinbach Logistics, and Gangjie International Cargo also participated in the matchmaking meeting.

The representatives of the seminar participants introduced the investment environment, preferential policies and advantageous areas of investment promotion in El Salvador to the participating companies. On behalf of the company, Andy introduced the basic situation of our company and the status of our business development abroad, and expressed the willingness to cooperate and develop business with local companies in El Salvador.

So far, our company has exported more than 100 projects to Latin America, and has established long-term cooperative relations with several builders in Panama, Jamaica, Uruguay, Costa Rica and other countries. With the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Republic of El Salvador on August 21, 2018, we also hope to participate in more local projects in El Salvador and further expand cooperation and exchanges with local companies.

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