Why is light steel villa so popular with consumers?


The reason why the light steel villa is the green and hot rod of consumers is that the light steel villa has the following advantages compared with the traditional villa:

● Short construction period: All the building materials of light steel villa are prefabricated or pre-assembled in the factory in advance, and then directly pulled to the site for modular assembly, light steel structure is simple to manufacture, the use of industrial production, site construction and installation cycle is short.

● labor saving: the profiles of light steel structure in the factory mass production, assembly, site installation, only 1 on-site guidance, 7 or so workers can complete the skeleton building;

● Excellent performance: light steel villa with its material advantages to do insulation, moisture, fire, sound insulation and so on its "warm in winter and cool in summer", and light steel house pipelines are built in, later use is also very convenient, in addition to the plasticity of light steel structure makes the shape of the house complex and diverse.

● Good seismic: light steel villa, profile strength is high and thin and light, earthquake load is light, less damage;

● More environmentally friendly: light steel assembly dry process operation, no pollution in the construction process, no noise, the most important is that the light steel structure system can be recycled, greatly reducing the consumption of resources.

● Long service life: the structural members of the house are all hot-dip plated (aluminum) zinc steel plate, which has strong corrosion resistance, and the service life of the house can reach 90 years.

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