Is it possible to make shop out of container house?


The use of containers as commercial housing is now common, it is our newly listed modular supermarket!

Container as a commercial room has the following characteristics:

1.Economical and affordable, but also to meet the interests of customers for product quality and low price needs.

2.Excellent performance, the use of performance is also excellent, can be arbitrarily stacked up to three layers, quality assurance.

3.Widely used in many fields, commercial housing, office housing, etc., especially in temporary construction housing, more standardized and standardized.

The spacious space and comfortable and reasonable decoration arrangement make it have the functions and advantages of complete commodities, convenient shopping, fresh food, high quality and low price required by traditional commercial rooms. At the same time, it has the advantages that traditional commercial rooms lack, such as the mobility of modular buildings, low requirements for construction sites, and one-click decoration.

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