The container has been transformed so beautifully!


In our impression, the container is not a tall object, just a container to load. But containers are not so simple these days.

This small hotel in the Czech Republic has been transformed from three shipping containers by Artikul Architects.

Although the hotel is not as tall as a star-rated hotel, the cool dark blue shell and interior design are enough to make many people come.

When the three containers are combined, a total of five rooms can accommodate up to 13 people.

The room is dominated by log style and full of design. Each room has large floor-to-ceiling Windows with panoramic views.

Upstairs, a row of 4 rooms share a long balcony. Although the room area is not big, but the front and back of the ventilation, it is very comfortable to live.

If it is too hot in summer, the rooms are equipped with awnings. Cover the outer wall with scrap wood to protect it from direct sunlight.

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