On the morning of the 29th, some employees arranged a tea party venue, so that the entire conference room was full of New Year's atmosphere.

On the afternoon of the 29th, we held a tea party, in this activity, everyone summed up their gains and growth in 2023, and also made plans for their plans for the next year. This year, our company's performance broke the record again, the steel structure team's performance exceeded 40 million, and the light steel team's performance exceeded 8 million. In order to celebrate the total performance breakthrough of 50 million, the company has prepared a Thailand tour plan for every employee!

After the tea party, we held a dinner where everyone danced and sang to celebrate this wonderful year. The company's achievements this year cannot be separated from the dedication of business managers and the trust of customers. In recent years, the company proof of the concept of green development, vigorously develop prefabricated houses, in line with the trend of The Times has made some achievements, in 2024, the company will continue to improve the light steel design technology, committed to our light steel houses and container house to develop to the world.

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