Our trip to Thailand came to a successful end!


In order to celebrate the company's new record in 2023, from January 11 to January 16, the company prepared a six-day trip to Thailand for all employees!On January 11th, the March House team gathered at 5:00 AM in the office building, and we were excited to go to the airport and leave for Thailand!

After traveling all the way, we finally landed safely at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Thailand at 6:00 local time.

On January 12, we took a boat ride along the Chao Phraya River and visited the Grand Palace, a famous scenic spot in Thailand. The hot weather did not affect our mood.

In the later trip, we experienced Thai clothes, tasted Thai food, and felt the local customs and customs of Thailand.

We had the most fun in Pattaya, where we were impressed by the verdure sea and the adrenaline rush of exciting offshore projects.


On January 16, we successfully concluded our trip to Thailand, and proper relaxation is for a better start. The March House team will not forget the original intention in 2024, and make new achievements, so that our container house and light steel projects are spread all over the world!

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