March House visited the warehouse project in Guyana and gave the guidance


On November 30th, the March House team visited our local warehouse project.At the site, the customer told us about their problems, and the business staff patiently answered the customer and put forward our professional suggestions.

The steel frame is an essential component of a warehouse building, serving as the primary load-bearing structure. The portal steel frame and truss structure are the most commonly used steel frames. The steel frame typically includes steel columns, roof beams, and roof trusses, with the addition of floor beams in multi-layer or mezzanine. In addition to the primary structure, the warehouse building requires a secondary structure comprising braces, tie rods, purlins, wall beams, and stays. The combination of primary and secondary structures results in a complete force-bearing structure capable of withstanding the weight of goods stored within the warehouse building.

March House technicians gave the customer more professional advice on the steel structure remotely to ensure the safety and stability of the project. Our customers are very satisfied with our meticulous service and we look forward to more customers around the world enjoying our services.

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