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Do you still have trouble with clutter in your garden? Our prefabricated shed will solve the problem.

Which type of outside sheds would suit you best?

  Buying a new shed isn’t a simple decision; it’s a purchase which requires careful deliberation and planning. Nowadays, there are so many options available to choose from that trying to find the right one can seem an almost impossible task. However, once you consider a few simple factors, the process can seem far simpler.

  Firstly, size. What will you be using your shed for? If it’s just to stow away a few gardening tools, children’s toys or bikes, a small storage unit will suffice. On the other hand, if you’re an avid DIY-er and need a large workspace filled with tools and benches, a garden workshop with double doors would be the better choice. If you have driveway and paved space rather than garden space available, then outside sheds are an ideal way to use this space. Patio sheds can similarly stylishly use any patio space available.

  Also, for those with smaller gardens, a larger building may take up too much valuable room and cost more. Always consider how much of your available space you’re willing to set aside for a garden shed when you price options.

  Next, think about what construction material you’d prefer.

What type of outdoor sheds do we have for sale?

We have a large range of outdoor sheds for sale, and these can come in a variety of materials, for example:

Wooden Prefab Sheds

Wooden sheds blend seamlessly into gardens thanks to their natural appearance. The traditional choice, wooden garden buildings remain ever popular despite the emergence of modern alternatives like plastic and metal.

Wooden outside sheds are tough and reliable too, ours are all delivered pre-treated and boast either 10 or 25 year anti-rot guarantees. We recommend opting for a pressure treated option, as they enjoy a lengthier 25 year guarantee, with no requirements for annual maintenance.

Wood as a material is straightforward to work with and customise too, you can easily add shelving units and hooks to help with storage and organisation. Plus, you can stain or paint wood to suit your preferences and create a building that is truly personal to you.

Modified container house

  Renowned for their impressive security,  container house are incredibly robust, resilient, and perfect for storing your valuable gardening and outdoor equipment. You can safely ignore two dated myths about metal garden sheds.

  The first? Rust. Rust is no longer a concern for outdoor metal storage – most of our outside sheds units feature substantial 10 – 25 year guarantees against perforation. In fact, these solid construction garden sheds need very little maintenance.

  The second? Visually unappealing. garden buildings are no longer unattractive, awkward structures. Modern options are classy and contemporary. Find metal sheds near me when you view our range which includes a whole host of stunning garden sheds, in tasteful shades of grey, green, and silver; we even have wood-effect.

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