Start Your Own Shipping Container Cafe!


Why Are Container Cafes Becoming Popular?

Renting a commercial space typically requires a hefty down payment and a couple of months rent in advance, which can significantly escalate your initial costs. However, shipping container cafes are easy and inexpensive to build — a major benefit for small business owners who are just starting out and have limited capital.

Remember, if you use a shipping container to make your cafe, your coffee shop will be portable, so you experiment to see which location yields the highest demand.

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How to Build Your Own Cafe?

Opening your very own container shop involves the following steps:

Determine the Size of the Container You Need

To determine which size you’ll need, first decide the type of cafe you will run. The size of the building, required area, and equipment will differ depending on the services you offer. Please read this guide to understand the various dimensions of shipping containers.

A full-service kitchen and bar require a larger space in order to accommodate cooking equipment, food storage, ventilation, and kitchen appliances. If you plan on serving just coffee, you need only equipment for brewing and lattes.

Identify the Right Location

There should be enough clear space in your chosen location to cater to your customers and have room for outdoor seating. After you select your container size, leave at least 100 feet of open space for delivery and offloading. A mobile container must also have an adequate area for parking.

Your coffee shop must comply with any local building standards and codes, zoning laws, and permit requirements. Some areas may not allow the construction of shipping containers. Always check for places with quick access to utilities, such as electricity, water, gas, and sewer lines.

Finalize a Suitable Design

It is best to work with an architect or designer who has experience designing cafes made from shipping  containers. Select a design that you feel will attract customers and utilize the available space efficiently.

Fulfill Health and Safety Measures

In the new normal, people prefer bars and restaurants that cater to practices like socially distanced dining and a crew trained in appropriate hygiene and masking policies. Place safety equipment, such as fire extinguishers and electrical master switches, at appropriate locations.

Create a Branding and Marketing Plan

Use your creativity to deliver a unique customer experience. Create a strong brand using innovative fonts, colors, and decor. Advertise your restaurant on relevant platforms to reach maximum customers.

Select a Reputable Shipping Container Provider

Always use a provider that will be able to deliver containers appropriate for your cafe's specific design. If you're buying shipping containers for the first time, be sure to check out this guide.

You can also watch this 3D design video to learn more about the shipping container to cafe transformation process.

What Are the Benefits of a Pop-Up Container Coffee Shop?

Portable Business Advantage

Moving your pop-up restaurant or cafe is as simple as moving the container itself. The easy portability of shipping containers means you can move from place to place in just a short period of time.Sturdy and Durable

A shipping container offers a strong structure for restaurants and coffee shops. Containers have a steel body that makes them resistant to wear and tear and shock. A properly coated container body will remain incredibly resistant to corrosion.Great Flexibility

You can personalize your container with art, photos, and fancy colors to create an effective brand. It is also easy to scale up and purchase additional containers for other locations.

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