Start the busy March with dine together!


March was the busiest month of the first half of the year for March house. At the beginning of the month, the company arranged for employees to have a lunch in the office to cheer up for the busy month ahead.

Recently, March House's modified container house have attracted a lot of customers. At present, advanced container transformation houses can be widely used in residential, specialty stores, office buildings, agricultural exhibition halls, art galleries and other types of buildings, and have a wide range of uses. The governments of the United Kingdom, Japan, China and France have strongly supported the construction of residential containers.

Modified shipping containers has a variety of components and materials, can meet people's life in a variety of different decorative styles, like traditional housing, living containers can withstand a variety of decoration operations, to meet People's Daily needs for housing decoration, help improve people's taste of life.

Modified container houses are different from traditional houses that can only be dismantled when they are not needed, but the new residential containers can be recycled and reused when people do not need them, and it is convenient to disassemble and assemble. The newly built residential containers have excellent seismic performance, which provides the greatest convenience for people to improve the quality of housing and meet the needs of environmental protection.

We not only provide modified shipping container products, but also provide design services, if you have needs, welcome to leave us a message.

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