Welcome customers from Dubai to visit our company!


On November 6th, our company hosted two customers from Dubai, the technical manager and the business manager to introduce our light steel products to the customers.

The light steel villa adopts the 0.8-1.5mm thickness galvanized C/U type steel (Q550DTz)  as frame and install with composite wall and roof (OSB Panel/ Glass wool for heat and sound insulation/ Decorative panels for inside and outside). It's a kind of fabricated type wall bearing system, has the characteristic of light weight, large span, anti-seismic, hurricaneproof, thermal insulation, sound insulation and so on. And due to the industrial production of precast, components of composite wall panels, floor, and roof, during the installation it don't need welding, coating so quick installation can be achived.

We not only provide light steel products can also provide design, adhering to the principle of customer first, dedicated to provide customers with the best service.

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