Your container house from design to delivery.




During the design phase we discuss your housing requirements and either configure one of our standard models or create a concept house that will address those requirements. Estimated cost is one of the deliverables of this phase.


In this phase we will provide you with an estimate of the time to completion for the unit defined in the first phase. We create a project plan and secure the materials and resources that will be required for the project.


There are several steps involved in the construction of a container house. First step is the 'metal work' (openings and 'bump-outs'), then the framing, plumbing, electricity, and finishing details.


When the construction is finished, we check to make sure that everything is working properly and according to the specifications, and that the unit is ready to pass the inspections required by the local government.


The house is now ready to be transported to your designated site. Even though this is your responsibility, we can help you decide on a suitable company, and we will arrange all the pick up details with them.


Congratulations! Your house has now arrived, and it has to be installed following our check list. We will take care of connecting the modules and finishing the interior, but you will need to hire a local company to hook-up the house to the services.

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