The top1 prefab house in MARCH HOUSE


  A prefabricated home is one that is not built on land. Instead, all the parts are manufactured in a warehouse and then transported to the plot of land, where they are assembled in order to build a house. The fact they are manufactured in a controlled industrial environment increases quality control on finishes, improves the insulation and energy efficiency of the home and speeds up construction times.Here are some of MARCH HOUSE's best-selling prefabricated wooden homes recently.

Wood is an ecological, sustainable, resistant, durable and very versatile material, which also gives homes a natural and warm atmosphere. Depending on the type of prefabricated wooden homes, three different construction systems are used:

The trunk system: the structure of the home, made from large flat or round logs, is exposed.

The light frame system: the walls of the house are formed by a light wooden structure (normally OSB boards) that are assembled at the factory or assembled on site, and then lined, both inside and outside, with other materials (wood or other materials).

The mobile system: wooden homes assembled in the factory and transported to the plot of land where they will be placed.

  We design our prefabricated houses to match your architectural expectations, as well as the climatic and seismic conditions in your region. We manufacture to international standards for prefabricated steel houses, with highly galvanised steel frame walls and fibre cement board surface with insulation up to 250 mm thick.

  Our prefabricated houses are easily tailored to your needs and completely respect the thermal and acoustic performance of a traditional concrete house. We provide all the parts to finish off your project and to suit your budget, including sanitary ware, flooring, lighting, kitchen worktops and furniture, and exterior cladding.  Our system is designed so that you can perform the installation quickly on a concrete slab or plinths without the need for heavy equipment.

  We offer models pre-designed by our architects ranging from a practical 30m2 studio to a prefabricated five-room villa.  We can also create bespoke housing for your requirements by adapting the structure to your architectural plan.

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