A combination of primitive nature and modernity - prefabricated wooden houses



  Prefabricated wooden houses consist the ready house elements such as walls, ceilings, roof made in wooden closed panels. Prefabricated elements are manufactured in the factory, where they are equipped with the windows and doors, protected and after transported to the site and assembled by crane. Building assembly time depends on the house size and the complexity of the solid, but it normally takes around 3-7 days, within that time you can enjoy how rapidly your dreamed house is formed.

  In addition to the quick assembly of your dream house, the prefabrication in the factory also enables a high quality standard, because all components are produced under the best possible conditions and prepared for assembly on site.

  Similar to the automotive industry, the houses are manufactured in ultra-modern production halls and are subject to constant quality control. It would be unthinkable if the beloved new car were to be produced on a greenfield site - and that applies all the more to your own four (glass) walls!

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