10 Incredible Shipping Container Homes Around the World


  After traveling the seven seas for years, shipping containers are finding second lives as an affordable green building material. As such, there are architects and designers around the world who are getting incredibly creative with them, incorporating them into impressive edifices. Here are some of our favorite shipping container homes and hotels from across the globe. 

Denver Shipping Container Home

  Spanning 3,000 square feet, this shipping container home in Denver, Colorado, has an industrial aesthetic with rustic elements. Inside, a massive double-height great room is the core of the space.


Honomobo Webber Island HO4+

  Designed by modular and prefab house company Honomobo, this home nestled into the woods is located on Webber Island near Honey Harbour, Ontario. It’s one of Honomobo’s HO4+ units, comprising four shipping containers.

Escape Den

  Architecture firm River and Rain has created an indoor-outdoor oasis in Dhaka, Bangladesh, named Escape Den. It’s crafted from parts of four recycled shipping containers.

Quadrum Ski & Yoga Resort

  The Quadrum Ski & Yoga Resort in Gudauri, Georgia, features stacked shipping containers clad in wood paneling, creating a modernist ski lodge that contrasts greatly with the Caucasus Mountains backdrop.

Devil’s Corner

  Architecture firm Culumus designed the facilities for Devil’s Corner, a winery in Tasmania, Australia, from repurposed shipping containers. Beyond a tasting room, there’s a lookout tower where visitors can take in the surrounding scenery.

Manifesto House

  Architecture firm James & Mau partnered modular home company Infiniski on Manifesto House, a shipping container home in Curacaví, Chile. It’s clad in recycled slatted wood pallets, which can be opened to help regulate the temperature inside.

Joshua Tree Residence

  One of the most striking shipping container buildings in the world, Joshua Tree Residence by Whitaker Studio is located in the California desert and comprised of a starburst-like conglomeration of white containers.


  The PV14 house in Dallas, Texas, was architecture firm M Gooden Design’s first project using shipping containers—a total of 14 were used during construction.

Beach Box

  There are many mansions in the Hamptons, but there’s only one shipping-container mansion in town: the beachfront Beach Box in Amagansett. Its developer listed it in 2012 for $1.4 million.

Squirrel Park

  Set in Oklahoma City, this apartment complex by Alfred Hall Monaghan Morris comprises four two-bedroom units built from 16 shipping containers. There’s even a tornado bunker on the property, given the apartments’ location in Tornado Alley.

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