Have you ever seen a sci-fi space capsule?


What is the space capsule?

  To break the traditional concept, not light steel house is not RV is not container, we are very futuristic and sense of science and technology of the space capsule, more comfortable than the traditional RV, more spacious and transparent, than light steel villa more senior fashion, than the container more heat insulation, sound insulation effect is very good, after special process processing, moisture-proof anticorrosion and termite prevention.

  The facilities in the room are fully automatic system with a strong sense of science and technology. You only need to operate the remote control to realize it. You can also open the skylight to breathe fresh air, just like living in midair.

It does not need to use bricks and tiles, the finished products can be finished in a whole day, one bathroom, one room and one balcony, the clear height of 2 meters 4 meters interior decoration, the whole house intelligent voice control, realize the liberation of hands. Now you can have a house in 2 hours, everybody can build it, and it's mobile.The whole house is made of anti-seismic steel structure material, and its service life can reach more than 50 years.

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