Product Details

Product parameters

Applicable temperature range

-20~50 (°C)


Mobile Environmental Toilet



Roof material


Exterior wall material

Metal panels

Basic configuration

Energy saving water tank ,ceramic commode wash basin, exhaust fan ,LED lighting ,earth leakage protector ,safety socket

Interior material





1. Reliable structure:

light steel structure is the frame of our building, which meets the design requirements of steel structure.

2. Easy to install and disassemble:

Standardized components make it easy to install and dismantle. It is especially suitable for emergency projects.

3. Attractive appearance:

Because prepainted steel sheet or sandwich panel is adopted, the whole structure is handsome.

4. Environment friendly and economical:

Reasonalbe design makes it reusable. The reusable character makes it environment friendly and economical.

5. Cost efficient:

First class material, reasonable price, once and for all investment, low requirements for base and short completion time make it cost efficient.

6. Relocatable:

It can be relocated up to 10 times. It has 30 to 70 years durability.

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