Metal Frames or Trusses from Marchhouse


Our team at LGS Solutions have extensive experience in the construction of metal frames and trusses. Our work has ranged from major commercial construction projects to private home builds.

Metal Frames and Trusses: An Excellent Choice for Construction Projects in the limiting environment.

There Are a Wide Range of Benefits to Be Gained From Making Such a Choice:

The metal fabrication will never shrink or warp

They are also resistant to any fungal growth

Such a structure will neither warp not twist

Offers a terrific mix of strength plus performance

Steel is a positive lighting conductor down to the earth

These frames are well-equipped to handle the sudden change in our climate

Metal trusses can span greater lengths than conventional timber alternatives

Such products can be recycled; so important in our precious earth environment

Metal Framing Systems Engineered for Your Project by LGS Solutions

From Initial Idea to Onsite Delivery, We Have a Clear Plan to Follow...

Our team, with unmatched experience, are happy to provide an extensive, and obligation-free quote, covering your needs for metal frames and trusses. This quotation will also include delivery of finished product to your site; and any brackets or connections needed when erecting.

The design process is then undertaken, including 3D CAD modelling. This allows clients to review designs, to ensure they meet all their specific project metal framing requirements. Our talented LGS Solutions assemblers then undertake the construction process for the manufactured wall panels, trusses and joists as well as balustrade and facade framing.

The finished construction is safely delivered to your site location; where you can quickly construct it, using the erection drawings and connectors which we provide.

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