Work Together And Climb The Peak


    In the days of beautiful wind and sunny days, we ushered in the "Taiqing Palace" team building activity, in order to promote the exchange between the company's employees, enrich the amateur life of employees, in the tense work after the full relaxation, exercise, and jointly set up a young, energetic team of nearly 20 people, to Laoshan to kick off the activity.

    We arranged the Taiqing Palace mountaineering activity for this team building, where the climate is cool and the scenery is beautiful. Everyone climbed the ladder to challenge themselves, enjoy the beautiful scenery, and feel the historical record of Chinese civilization. In the process of climbing the mountain, the employees helped each other and encouraged each other, and with the joint efforts of everyone, all the staff climbed to the top of the mountain.

    While feeling the natural oxygen bar, it is not only physically and mentally pleasing, but also enhances each other's emotions. In the event, everyone spoke freely and created a harmonious and harmonious collective atmosphere. This event ended successfully, but our passion has not faded, let us work together, work hard, and create brilliance with the company.


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