2022 Work Mobilization Meeting


At the meeting, each department made a detailed report on the company's contract signing, project implementation, revenue and expenditure, as well as administrative logistics and material procurement in the first half of the year. 

To formulate new plans and goals, the eight-character policy of "planning, implementation, coordination, and overall planning" needs to be better used to make the company more standardized, standardized, and institutionalized. 


In order to maximize the company's interests, we must first start from ourselves, start from small things, have a high degree of unity in thinking, treat every colleague in the company with an inclusive, understanding, and supportive mentality, and treat every colleague in the company at any time and anywhere. , Solve and deal with things as you go, treat the company as your home, treat colleagues in the company as your brothers and sisters, and work together for the same goal! 



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