Light steel villa

Consists of 0.42mm colored steel sheets on both sides or one 0.42 colored sheet and one 0.42mm stainless sheet, integrated with PU\EPS\ROCK WOOL etc. The size of the wall is 2310mm*1158mm. The thickness of the external wall is 75mm, and the internal wall is 50mm. The density of the EPS is 12kg\m³, the density of the rock wool is 100kg\m³. And the color of the wall is as per the clients’ demands.


Compare with traditional house

Steel House

Traditional House


Steel with bolt

Lumber with nails




Build Quality

factory precision

Depends on skill worker

Lead time

4-8 weeks

8-14 month


70 years

10-15 years


Superior resistance to earthquakes,floods or fire

Average resistance


Air tight Insulation, ultra low energy needs

Code only insulation, high energy needs

Potential Issues

No damage from moisture, rot or termites

Likely to get damaged





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