5 units 10ft shipping container house project in Tanzania

Ⅰ. container house

● 10ft shipping container: 2991*2200*2591mm

● Rock wool Panel: 0.35mm/50mm/0.35mm rock wool sandwich panel

Plastic flooring: 1.8mm, anti-wear and non-slip plastic

steel door:840*2035mm

Security window:900*900 double glass double pushwith burglar bars, mosquito nets

light:4 ft twin vapour proof fluorescent light

Advanced distribution:Industrial socket box + industrial socket (1 set) Distribution box J-6 (1), 1 leakage protection (32A), 1 circuit breaker (2P32A), 1 circuit breaker (1P16A). Main line 3*6m², three-hole socket line (for air conditioner) 3*4m². Five-hole socket line 3*2.5m². Switch line 2*1.5m². 3 five-hole sockets (10A), 1 single-open switch, 1 three-hole socket (16A),

Ⅱ. Solar panel 3KW

Solar Panel:Rated Power: 450W ( MONO ) Number of Solar Cells: 120 (182*91MM) Panel Size: 1909*1134*35MM Weight: 23.5KGS Frame: Anodic Alumina Alloy Connection box: IP68, three diodes Grade A

Bracket:Complete Set for Roof Mounting Material: aluminium alloy Max wind speed: 60m/s Snow Load: 1.4Kn/m2 15 years warranty

Solar Inverter (Low Frequency):Rated Power: 3KW DC Input Power: 48V AC input Voltage: 220V AC output Voltage: 220V Pure Sine Wave With Built-in MPPT charger controller 3 years warranty

Solar Gel Battery:Voltage: 12V Capacity: 150AH Size: 482*240*171mm Weight: 40.1KGS 3 years warranty

Auxiliary materials:PV cables 4 m2 ( 50 meter)、BVR Cables 10m2 (5 pieces )、MC4 Connector ( 5 pairs)、DC Switch 2P 80A (1 pieces)

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