11units flat-pack container house project in Kimbe Port, Papua New Guinea

The flat-pack container house is easy to install, stable and cost-effective, because it has also become the best choice for workers' dormitories. This is a case study of march house's flat-pack container house project in Guinea.

Ⅰ. Main container 

● Materials: Q235B steel plate and square tube. white painted or customized

Ⅱ. Protecting system

● wall panel:75mm rock wool sandwich panel

● ceiling:0.4mm steel sheet with fiberglass insulation

● roof sheet:0.4mm steel sheet

● floor:18mm fiber cement board and 1.6mm plastic flooring

● roof truss part:This approach is mainly for waterproof consideration

● gutter and down pipe:pvc

● steel door:840*2035mm

● stairs and verandha:Q235B paint two times

● canopy:1.3m width

● plastic steel window:1000*1500mm,double glass,with security window

Ⅲ. Basic electric system

● LED light:40W

● switch:

● distribution box:

● other accessories:electric wire,flashing,selftapping screw,general bolts,etc.

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