coodo Is the Sustainable Prefab Modular Home That Redefines Modular Homes


Offered in three models, the coodo is hailed as “the modular home that redefines modular homes” and “not just a house [but] the most beautiful and smallest unit of a social, ecological and economic universe that you can help to shape according to your wishes and needs: your new way of living and being.”

The coodo is a prefabricated home that aims to check several boxes at once, all of them very important: affordability, sustainability, versatility, and movability. In essence, it’s a box that you can ship to wherever you want it to be, including in areas where you might not get a permit to build a brick-and-mortar home, like on a lake, on the rooftop of a skyscraper, or in the middle of the woods.

The same box can be delivered to you just the way you need it, whether that means as a blank slate (i.e. empty) for you to furnish, with just the basic utilities, fully furnished, or as part of a larger structure. You can opt between three models (the moon, the sun, and the earth), which offer different building materials and insulation, with or without electric underfloor heating, and different possibilities of extending available space into the outdoors.

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